Should You Worry About Invasive Mosquitoes?

mosquito on skin

Back in ancient times, diseases and animals used to be limited by the extent of their natural habitat. Then came humans. As the first animal clever enough to develop new transportation methods, we quickly evolved from the simple bipeds that were similarly limited by their habitat. In particular, the creation of seafaring ships made intercontinental travel a real possibility for humans, and so too the transfer of diseases and creatures from far-off lands to non-native habitats. As incredible as intercontinental travel remains to this day, it comes with severe downsides. For example, when Christopher Columbus traveled from Spain in search of new trade routes to India, he encountered unfamiliar Caribbean societies that were soon devastated by the unfamiliar diseases carried by their European invaders. Similar situations arise to this day when invasive species from different continents are mistakenly (or intentionally) introduced to new environments. From non-native Murder Hornets in the Northwestern U.S. to the pythons that are currently suffocating Florida’s habitat, invasive species aided by intercontinental travel and bad pet-handling are now a threat to countries across the globe. And, as we are currently seeing in the U.S., invasive mosquitoes are a growing threat in the Southeast.

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If you are, chances are that you want to protect against mosquitoes due to their incredibly annoying behavior. From the itchy welts they leave on our skin to their terrible whining noises, mosquitoes are disliked by pretty much everyone and everything. However, they have an even darker side. Mosquitoes are a serious disease vector: They kill hundreds of thousands of people every year by transmitting diseases. While mosquito-borne diseases in the U.S. don’t get much attention, our environments are changing and becoming more hospitable to mosquitoes that can carry diseases like Dengue fever, Zika virus, yellow fever, West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and others that have life-altering consequences. Since 2000, ten invasive mosquito species have been discovered in the U.S., the most recent coming in 2021. Known as Aedes scapularis, this new mosquito is typically found in Latin America and the Caribbean, and it can spread diseases like yellow fever and Venezuelan equine encephalitis.

Although this mosquito has a long way to go to get to the Northeast, it is only one of many mosquitoes in the country that can transmit diseases. Although invasive mosquitoes can be dangerous, Mosquito Squad offers treatments of the highest quality to control these pests. Using our barrier protection mist, which is available in our original and all-natural formulas, we can reduce your property’s mosquito population by up to 90%. Lasting up to 21 days, our treatments are long-lasting, and a biweekly treatment throughout the warmer months with our premium treatment plan provides robust defense. You, your family, and your guests shouldn’t have to fear mosquitoes ruining time outside.

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