Does Suffolk County Mosquito Spraying Offer Enough Protection?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Long Island

Long Island area residents can be thankful that municipal mosquito spraying is offered. However, Suffolk County mosquito spraying is not enough to adequately provide protection from mosquitoes and the harmful diseases they carry.

Suffolk County mosquito spraying should be augmented with professional mosquito control.

Any and all mosquito control measures are to be encouraged, but sometimes the treatments that are implemented around your home simply aren’t adequate. Municipal mosquito control is an admirable attempt at protecting residents from the dangers mosquitoes pose to humans. However, there are a few reasons why you need to take matters into your own hands when it comes to defending your family from mosquito-borne diseases and irritating bites.

Municipal sprays only go so far – literally and figuratively. Despite how well-intended municipal sprays are, they are often only applied to some of your yard’s perimeter, not its entirety. Indeed, mosquitoes are able to exploit gaps in the spray barrier. Furthermore, mosquito control sprays need to be applied in a regimented, consistent manner that cities struggle to do. It’s hard to have much faith in city services that are unreliable. For the best Suffolk County mosquito spraying, consistency and potency are key, and Mosquito Squad prides itself on both characteristics.

Mosquito Squad applies border protection spray in a strategic fashion that ensures coverage across your property’s entire border, and it is also applied in areas identified by our technicians that are suspected mosquito breeding grounds. Disrupting the mosquito life-cycle is an essential piece of reducing mosquito populations, so breeding grounds are an important target location for our spray. Eliminate the mosquito larvae, and you won’t have to deal with as many adult mosquitoes that like to bite you. No treatment (that is safe around humans and animals) will completely remove all the mosquitoes on your property, but you will see a reduction in their numbers by 85-90% after applying the spray. In addition, our original-formula mosquito spray lasts for three whole weeks before another application is needed. Our all-natural, essential oil spray is not quite as effective, but it still provides long-lasting relief from mosquito swarms.

With mosquito-borne diseases on the rise, take the time to protect your property and family from these flying pests.

Our spray controls ticks too!

Good news! Our border protection sprays are a dual threat against both mosquitoes and ticks. Ticks are also known to spread horrible bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, and other life-threatening diseases. Home should be a place of safety and refuge from the outside world, not a potential hazard to your health. At Mosquito Squad, we care about keeping you safe from bloodsucking ticks and mosquitoes.

Are you are looking for effective mosquito control to augment Suffolk County mosquito spraying? Call on Mosquito Squad of Long Island at (631) 203-1252.