Where Do Mosquitoes Come From?

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For how long mosquitoes have been the number one killer of humans, one would think we would be better about letting them in our backyards. Military strategy 101 says to prevent enemies from infiltrating. Unfortunately far too often we are so concentrated on offense, we leave the back door open and are blindsided.

Where Do Mosquitoes Like to Hang out in My Backyard?

Mosquitoes prefer to locate the best combination of shade and protection from dangerous predators. These are gonna be areas in your yard where foliage is hidden from the sun and mosquitoes can rest on the underside of leaves.

Sometimes it seems like they are coming out of nowhere. This is due to mosquitoes ability to fly and locate their water and blood sources. After they are finished resting in the shady areas, they mobilize to the nearest food or blood source which is going to be where you congregate in your yard. Most mosquito bites occur when people slow down or stop moving.

After they locate their prey, the pest bites and sucks blood. Now pregnant and ready to lay their eggs, their next move is to find shallow water for their eggs to hatch. They only need an ounce of water, sometimes not even that. This is why it is difficult to prevent mosquito reproduction.

Mosquitoes have 176 species

Where Do Mosquitoes Come From?

Mosquitoes can strategically place their eggs in an area where they anticipate moisture to collect so their eggs can hatch up to eight months later. In many other cases, mosquitoes take only three or four days to hatch and start biting.

The best method for them to ensure their offspring’s first meal is to lay them in water next to a blood source. Therefore they are going to find the nearest shady protected water source after their bite occurs. Then they can hatch and immediately start biting.

What Can We Do to Prevent Mosquito Breeding at Home?

Here at Mosquito Squad our technicians are trained to inspect properties for mosquito sources and prevent it from happening in your own backyard. Removing any standing water and applying larvacide where possible greatly decreases breeding activity.

Take some time today to walk your yard and find any water that is hidden from you as they only need a bottle cap’s worth of water to breed three hundred mosquitoes every four days. We typically see downspouts, drains, forgotten buckets, loose tarps, clogged gutters, out-of-order fountains, shady bird baths, and even toys breeding mosquitoes.

Taking away their water source will reduce your mosquito infestation but there is still more to do. Bug mist and other home remedies can help with a little mosquito elimination but nothing compares to our premium barrier treatment that actually works. We aim to prevent mosquitoes from preferring your foliage to rest on, keeping them far away from you.

This way they find another blood source instead of you and your family in your backyard. With our partnership and proactive practices we can keep mosquitoes gone all season.

To learn more about how you can help reduce mosquitoes in your yard, click here!

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