When Do Mosquitoes Emerge?

Mosquitoes believe it or not can lay dormant over the winter so that when temperatures rise above fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit, they can emerge and immediately find a mate to start breeding with. This all happens so fast that once they come out of dormancy, female mosquitoes will lay up to three hundred eggs per week.

Females can live up to sixty days meaning they can leave behind nine generations of mosquitoes before they run their natural course. Males only live up to twelve days, primarily just to reproduce with a female.

As long as temperatures remain above fifty five degrees, mosquitoes will continue to reproduce at this rapid rate. All they need is a bottle caps worth of water to lay three hundred eggs. This is why it is so crucial to avoid standing water on your property if you wish to fight the bite with preventative practices.

Removing standing/stagnate water is the first step but checking for any containers or bad drainage that will cause puddles after rain need to be addressed as well. Even a rain drain or your gutters can hold just enough moisture for a mosquito to lay their egg raft.

It is extremely important to understand when and where they breed. With our exclusive barrier protection, we aim not only to eliminate any current infestation but also leave behind a protective residual to deter mosquitoes from wanting to use your property for breeding. Our trained technicians strategically treat foliage and vegetation on your property where mosquitoes favor to harbor.

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