Welcome to the Mosquito Squad Family

Welcome to the Mosquito Squad Family

As we are entering the peak mosquito season of summer, we are eager to provide the same level of service that we provide for the entire season.  

  • No matter how you join our family in the summer months, we know that it is more likely that you have already been bitten and need immediate relief.  We are prepared to start your Mosquito Free Season in less than 24 hours and many times are able to provide your first treatment within the hour.
  • Over 98% of our treatments do not require complimentary treatments, so when our customers suggest the presence of mosquitoes, we dispatch a complimentary treatments as soon as possible.  We never can eliminate 100% of the mosquitoes, but we do guarantee that we can provide you a mosquito free season.

Our technicians always look for the source of the problem.  Our long term approach is even more important in the peak season when humans and mosquitoes are most likely to share the same space for special outdoor events.

  • Inspection before every treatment
  • Removal of water sources with every treatment
  • Recording of potential sources ( body camera and technician notes for future treatments )
  • Audit process ( duration of treatment, product used per acre, questions from customers )

Our Mosquito Squad of Lexington family is always happy to welcome another member of the family.  We get great joy to hear when new members start new seasons in June watching bees and butterflies in the afternoon and fireflies in the evening.

We welcome new customers in July and August, but we know that it is increasingly difficult to reduce large mosquito populations that have accumulated and grown the later into the peak mosquito season that we can start the battle.  August is a great time for us to demonstrate our Mosquito Squad advantage, but we prefer to be proactive.

Peak Season Activities