Production Quality Improvements

Treatments Through June
The last five years of growth at the Mosquito Squad of Lexington have been influenced by many things, but the most important factor in our mind is when our customers provide reviews about the quality of the service we deliver. Our 2020 Five Star Customer Reviews were leading our region and we made several quality improvements to our production processes in 2021 in order to obtain that distinction again this year.

Here are some improvements that we believe will make 2021 even better:

  • Hired a technician manager to focus exclusively on production ( no sales, no marketing, just production )
  • Product improvements ( reduced waste, improved environmental characteristics )
  • Added two new trucks to increase the production capacity and reduce long days for our technicians
  • Added body cameras for auditing quality of service and to accelerate the training process
  • Early season training and certification
  • Cross training and mentorship within our valuable technician talent

All of those factors contribute to our ability to provide better service. The rewards of providing a better service is more service. We can't wait to hear what our 2021 Customers are going to say about our improvements.  We are already seeing an increase in the customer demand for our services this year and we believe the feedback will follow.

Hanging in our office is an inspiring quote from Maya Angelou that reminds us of our need to improve daily:
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Treatments Through June