Mosquito Bites at Dusk

Mosquito Bites at Dusk

We've been in the mosquito control business long enough to know the cycle of each season.  

Before the temperatures rise above 55 degrees, our customers that understand how mosquito control works set up their next guaranteed mosquito free season way ahead of the mosquito.

In June, many people who have no mosquito control or poor mosquito control attempt to enjoy their outdoor space in the cool of the evening and get a few mosquito bites.  Mosquito Squad customers, meanwhile, enjoy time with their pets and family outside watching the fireflies while talking to their neighbors over the fence in the cool of the day.

In July, many people who have no mosquito control or poor mosquito control determine that they are not going to let the mosquito drive them out of their outdoor space for an important event and they get many mosquito bites at dusk.  After the mosquito wins, the Mosquito Squad of Lexington gets lots of emotional positive feedback from customers that write glowing Customer Five Star Reviews about the results of their first treatment.  With great relief, comes great reviews.

Don't get me wrong, we love happy customers, and we love Customer FIve Star Reviews, but we really hate for anyone to have to experience mosquito bites at dusk before they start their mosquito free season.

Contact us today, and we can help you avoid mosquitos without avoiding your outdoor spaces with your family, pets and neighbors.