The First Saturday of May

The most exciting two minutes of sports

For those born in the Bluegrass, the first Saturday of May is a day to celebrate the history and tradition of our region for many reasons, not the least of which is hosting the world for Keeneland and the Kentucky Derby.

For the world watching the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday of May, the events overshadow all the work put into it throughout the year, as it should.

For the workers on the farms, and the jockeys, and the breeders, and the trainers, and the owners, and the investors, and the many small businesses that have been able to feed, house, develop and protect the horses, we celebrate.  We celebrate as a region, as a family, as winners, together.

As only a tiny piece of the Bluegrass, Mosquito Squad of Lexington is honored when the farms count on us to protect their outdoor environment.  It is really humbling to think that only three of the 2021 Kentucky Derby contenders were born outside of the Bluegrass. 

As all the happy five star customers in the Mosquito Squad family gather outside on this glorious day, we want each of you to see your involvement in building small business that build people that raise horses that the world watches with us.

May the best horse win.