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Flowers of the field support pollinators

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Many people love the fresh air, sunshine and health of being outdoors in Central Kentucky.  We owe a great deal to the pollinators that keep our outdoors enjoyable.

  • In March, we celebrated the Butterfly.
  • In May, we celebrate the Bee.
  • In September, we will celebrate the Hummingbird.

At the Mosquito Squad of Lexington, we have professional trained and licensed technicians that target areas of your outdoor space where Mosquitoes and Ticks breed, feed and harbor such that pollinators can coexist with humans and pets and other birds and fireflies enjoy your sanctuary together.

In the last five years, Central Kentucky has done an excellent job of increasing awareness of how important Bees are to the ecology. We have many beekeepers in our area that are doing their part to make the world a better place. We also benefit from having many protected spaces with clean water in the sunshine, and plenty of wild flowers to support Bees and Butterflies.

In the next five years, there are great opportunities for Central Kentucky to increase awareness in regard to Butterfly populations. According to the following chart within related Google Trend information for Kentucky, it looks like Lexington will be leading the way in this increased awareness for Central Kentucky. Specifically, according to the search terms, one could predict it will be the children of Lexington that will advocate for the Butterfly in the next five years.

If you want to attract Butterflies to your outdoor sanctuary, you might read this well written article from the National Wildlife Federation that highlights eight Butterfly Garden Necessities.  One important highlight is to not use insecticides that can be harmful to many animals and insects including Butterflies in their larval stage.