They are stealth. Often too tiny to see on your body. When they bite, it is painless. At least a mosquito will warn you with a buzz. Ticks are sly. They are in our daily surroundings of Chelmsford and Cambridge while we enjoy the summer outdoors. This quiet, unassuming predator can reap havoc on your body by spreading disease.

Vacation locations are hesitant about posting precautions about ticks for fear it will hurt business.  Others do not see Lyme Disease as a serious threat because there are no public service efforts or awareness.  Representative David P. Linsky recently said, “Lyme disease in Massachusetts has been an epidemic for years. However, it has not received the attention that it deserves,’’ Representative Linsky spearheaded a special state commission on Lyme disease that released a report this year urging the state to combat the illness more aggressively. The statistics are alarming.  Last year there were more than 5,000 confirmed and probable cases of Lyme in Massachusetts!

Knowing about the Lyme Disease threat in the Chelmsford and Cambridge, Massachusetts areas, the best defense is preventing a bite in the first place. When spending time outdoors during tick season remember to wear long, light colored clothing. It may not be fashionable to tuck your pants into your socks, but it goes a long way to prevent a bite. Always check yourself for ticks upon returning indoors. Immediately take a shower and wash your hair. A tick needs to be attached to your body for over 36 hours before the disease is transmitted. This is why it is important to remove ticks quickly.

Prevent ticks in the privacy of your yard by calling a licensed tick control company. Mosquito Squad of Leominster combines barrier sprays with tick tube implementation to eliminate ticks from your yard. To learn more about our tick abatement program contact Mosquito Squad of Leominster. Call us today for a free quote!

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