You are a parent. You work hard at controlling your children’s surroundings and making sure they are safe. You remind them to put on sunscreen and bug repellent every time they walk out the door. It’s your job. It’s what you do. And then you send them off to sleepaway camp.  

How can you be sure they are safe there? When it comes to ticks and mosquitoes and the illnesses they carry there is actually no testing by state and local governments when licensing summer camps. Therefore, Global Lyme Alliance and Ivy Oaks Analytics are working together to protect campers from Lyme disease. Hamlet tells us that to date, there is no method for a parent to know how bad the ticks are at each individual summer camp. The Ivy Oaks certification is the lone credential available which indicates camp tick safety standards”.


Ivy Oaks Analytics has created a treatment program specified only for large outdoor areas, like children’s camps, against ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy, gnats, mites, and chiggers. It is called the “Comprehensive Prevention Program”. It allows camps to use one company, instead of several, to provide protection. This saves them money which can very possibly roll over to savings for you.

Using the Ivy Oaks Certification Program gets the location automatic certification in tick, mosquito, and poison ivy protection. With certification comes online recognition as a certified camp, poison ivy mapping, and tick population measuring. With the partnership developed comes training for the staff by GLA from Tick AWARE. The camps receive body check posters, tick identification cards, and tick removal tools as part of the Tick AWARE program.

Children are at the highest risk for Lyme disease so when we put them in areas with shady wooded areas, tall grass, leaf clutter, etc. we have to go beyond the norm to protect them from ticks and Lyme. Ivy Oaks and GLA are working to do just that. “Tick populations have skyrocketed in the past few years, putting our children at greater risk than ever,” said Scott Santarella, CEO of GLA, the leading nonprofit dedicated to conquering Lyme and tick-borne diseases through research, education, and awareness. “Unfortunately, microscopic ticks are just waiting for unsuspecting children who love to roll around the grass and explore the great outdoors.”

So far this program is being used at camps in 14 states Last year 100,000 people benefited from this program.

At Mosquito Squad of Leominster, we honestly can’t love this program enough. We think of our clients as family and programs that protect this family’s children when they are away from home are wonderful programs indeed. And just as equally we are dedicated to helping with the protection against Lyme when they are at home. As the Ivy Oaks Comprehensive Protection Program is designed for large areas, Mosquito Squad’s tick treatment program is designed for your property no matter how big, and we are confident in our proven ability to eliminate ticks and mosquitoes there. Call us today to create the best treatment program for your family.

We look forward to partnering with you in protecting your family and pets right there at home.