What would you do if you suddenly began to experience flu-like symptoms like a fever, headaches and body aches when we are out of flu season? Many of us would just ignore these symptoms and dismiss them for a little “bug” or something of the sort. What if the next morning you awoke to find a rash and swollen lymph nodes? Would you ever dream that you could be experiencing the first symptoms of  West Nile Virus? Many of us believe that the unfortunate can never happen to us. Sure, West Nile Virus is something you hear about on the evening news and read about in the paper, but it could never strike in my family… or could it?

Mosquitoes carry illness and diseases, such as the West Nile Virus.

Yes. West Nile Virus can strike you and anyone else close to your heart. West Nile infected mosquitoes are in our area. Mosquitoes feed off the blood of mammals, such as humans, and they are not picky eaters. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can make you an unwitting target to become the meal of an infected mosquito.

We all want to feel that becoming a victim of mosquito-borne illness can’t happen to us, but in reality it can. Without protection and knowledge of the mosquito you are playing a game of Russian roulette and the ammunition is the mosquito that lurks in your own yard.

Mosquito Squad kills and prevents the disease carrying mosquito

Mosquitoes in our area are testing for West Nile in mounting numbers, and as the numbers rise so do are chances of becoming infected as well. You can visit the West Nile Virus information website to find out about mosquitoes and people testing positive within Massachusetts as well as other mosquito-borne illness at West Nile Virus is a serious issue here in Massachusetts and looking at the it from the eyes of a person infected with the illness can give you insight into the reality of West Nile Virus.

Read a quote from a victim.

“When I first realized something was wrong I was about two weeks into the illness. I had ignored the headaches and body aches that were my first warning signs and counted them off as the flu. I then began to experience a high fever, night sweats and a stiff neck. This was accompanied by a barely visible rash that, at the time I dismissed  as a simple reaction from changing soaps, which only seems poignant now in hindsight. By the time I called my doctor I actually felt like I was dying.  I was informed during the testing and eventual diagnosis that if I had waited to come in by a mere few days more, that I could have developed West Nile Encephalitis which could have caused central nerve system damage and could have affected my life indefinitely, or possibly could have killed me. I want people to know the real dangers of West Nile Virus.”

“Never ignore even the most minute symptoms. I spent a week in the hospital overcoming the illness and more time at home trying to get back to my old self again. In the process I missed time that I can never get back, and it is all due to the fact I thought this could never happen to me. The hardest part is how difficult this illness is to trace. No doctor or professional could tell me exactly which mosquito caused the illness, nor could they tell me exactly when or where I was infected. I ponder which outing was the culprit, walking my dog, pushing my daughter on the backyard swing or even cooking hamburgers outside on a weekend prior to my diagnosis. I do know I will never look at my own yard in the same light again. I also know I will make sure my property is protected to the utmost of my ability to prevent this from happening to me, or someone I love again.”

It's so easy to protect your yard with Mosquito Squad. You don't have to do anything at all. We help protect your yard for the entire summer!

Stories like this are becoming more and more of a reality in places like Massachusetts. While many campaigns reinforce early detection, Mosquito Squad of Leominster wants to reinforce your risk of reduction through staying in areas which have the best mosquito protection for you and your family. By treating your property properly to prevent and control mosquitoes, this can be your own backyard! Having your property treated by Mosquito Squad of Leominster can give you the best of both worlds, peace of mind and a safer place to find refuge from mosquitoes and the risk of becoming infected with a mosquito-borne illness such as West Nile Virus.

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