When you hang around outside from daytime into dusk, you know that dusk seems to be when the dinner bell sounds for not just humans. Dusk is the time we’re getting ready for grilling out and mosquitoes are getting ready for a meal also. Do mosquitoes get hungry at different times of the day? Well, regardless of the time of day they would like to have their blood meal, any time of the day with direct sunlight is not a good time for feeding. So, by default, mosquitoes do come out with a vengeance at dusk because the sun that forces them to hide during the day has gone down for the evening. Mosquitoes love moist, dark areas with little or no direct sunlight.

Is the sun the only thing that keeps mosquitoes at bay during the day? There are a couple additional factors. Mosquitoes do sniff out their targets. They pick up the scent of CO2 to find their target. Wind is typically slow at dusk and dawn allowing them to sniff out their targets more easily. In addition, they are not great fliers so less wind makes it easier to get to their targets for their blood meal.

Are we just doomed to live with the extra mosquito activity at the same time we want to get outside and unwind? Actually, you can have mosquito control that protects your yard for weeks on end and even for the entire mosquito season. Mosquito Squad provides a barrier treatment protection service for your yard. Our trained applicators treat the perimeter of your yard every 21 days to provide proactive protection throughout the system. The effective treatment eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues to protect your yard with our timed-release system.

Does Mosquito Squad eliminate every mosquito in your yard? Nothing can take care of every mosquito but Mosquito Squad’s service will eliminate 85 – 90% of the mosquitoes from your yard. You will still have mosquitoes – but very few. You can enjoy your backyard BBQ and linger long into the night with mosquito protection from Mosquito Squad.