We’ve been asked quite a few times over the years about the difference between our mosquito control products and services and what Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project (CMMCP) does. The CMMCP does take part in several types of mosquito control methods including larvicide, ditch maintenance, and adulticiding to combat the mosquito problem in our area.

Adulticiding is our main method of mosquito control for your property, so we are often asked about the CMMCP fogging vs. Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment program.


Mosquito fogging by the CMMCP is much different than barrier treatment.

Mosquito fogging is generally done with a truck that carries a mosquito fogger in the back. Near twilight, the truck will drive down the street slowly and fog the entire area as they drive by. The number one benefit of this is an immediate knockdown of all of the mosquitoes flying during the time. There is some small residual effect for where the product lands on vegetation in your front yard near the road, but it does not reach around the sides or back of your property. Depending on the length of your driveway, it might not benefit any functional space on your property at all. While lowering the overall population in any given area is always of benefit to everyone, the direct benefits of fogging take longer to be felt in individual backyards.


Our mosquito barrier treatment is applied on foot by a highly-trained certified mosquito control technician. The product is blasted into the underbrush around your property where mosquitos are most likely to hang out. Because of this, our treatment can be applied any time of day.

Our mosquito control product sticks to vegetation for three weeks, continuously eliminating mosquitoes that wander onto your property.

Our customized, manually applied mosquito mist means we will treat the specific areas of your property that could be the biggest problem, as well as where you spend the most time outdoors. The results speak for themselves with 85-90% mosquito reduction. Guaranteed.

If you’re interested in mosquito control for your entire property that will last. Call Mosquito Squad of Leominster today to get started.