The warmer temperatures and abundant rainfall we are having around the country are causing a lot more than our gardens and lawns to flourish. The large amounts of fresh rain also create the perfect conditions for mosquitoes to lay eggs in the standing water left behind. Along with a crop of freshly laid mosquito eggs on their way to hatching, rain also creates the perfect mix of conditions to wake dormant mosquito eggs lying in wait for the next big storm.

Mosquitoes are precarious creatures and according to the Rutgers New Jersey Center for Vector Biology there are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes throughout the world and 150 of those species reside in North America. No two species of mosquitoes exhibit the same behavior when it comes to propagation of their species either. Some mosquitoes only lay eggs in standing water, while others will lay their eggs in the soil where they await the appropriate conditions to hatch. Rainfall, flooding and melting snow combined with warm temperatures will cause these dormant eggs to begin to hatch. Some mosquitoes even lay their eggs in prime locations to “over-winter” so they may remain dormant until the arrival of spring. The mosquito eggs which lie dormant can do so for up to five years in some cases waiting for the right conditions.

It seems a contradiction in terms that a mosquito egg can lay in waiting for multiple years and yet most mosquito eggs will hatch within 48 hours of exposure to opportune conditions. This is the main reason mosquito control and prevention is so important since a slight increase in rainfall is likely to send mosquito populations skyrocketing. This summer has been a wet one. With flood waters on the rise and many states experiencing above average rainfall for most of the season we have to be on our toes when it comes to consistent mosquito control practices. Homeowners should regularly inspect their property for any standing water or any items that have the capacity to pool water, especially after a rain. Safe mosquito practices such as these combined with having your property treated by a licensed mosquito control professional will reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease transmission in your community.

Mosquito Squad of Leominster provides a comprehensive mosquito control program that includes the use of safe and highly effective mosquito control barrier sprays to eliminate mosquitoes and control their numbers. We carefully schedule these barrier sprays at the proper intervals throughout the season for optimum mosquito control and prevention on your property.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Leominster to learn more about controlling and preventing mosquitoes and ticks on your property and around your home the entire season. We are dedicated to keeping the Leominster area free of the risk of insect-borne illness and disease one backyard at a time.