Cody FrostWho does our dedicated, hard working and caring customer service manager Cody Frost report to? You. He reports to the customer. How about our office manager Cassie Finch? You bet. She reports to the customers also. How about me? You guessed it. We even have an org chart on the wall with “the customer” at the top. Have we always had such a clear focus about who is king? Thought I’d like to say we did, we had some challenges last year that kept us from treating our customers as king so we’ve made a lot of changes this year to ensure every customer gets the absolute best service possible. That’s what every single customer deserves.

Here are some of the things we’ve implemented this year to make sure we take the best care of our customers.

It starts at the top

Cassie Finch

Cassie Finch makes sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Putting our customers at the top of the org chart requires a very strong team of people in place to deliver on that promise. Cody manages our team of licensed applicators who we now call customer service technicians. Every one of our customer service technicians has a business card that they’re proud to hand to their customers. In fact their recognition program is not based on the number of customers they treat each day. It’s based on customer service.

Our office needs to be a well oiled machine to support our customers and field operations. Our new office manager Cassie Finch makes sure our schedules and routing are being done to get new customers in quickly and to accommodate special requests. She and Cody work very closely together to make sure we’re exceeding expectations. We’ve also moved our office to be collocated with our depot.

Communication is key

You are always able to reach someone on our team at any time. If we’re on the phone,
we’ve implemented an answering service so a live person will ALWAYS answer the phone. Will you get the answers you deserve? The call center will transfer calls directly to us even when it’s off hours. You’re not just a voicemail. If you call during the day and that necessitates a need for us to have immediate contact with our technicians, we’ve implemented Voxer turning our phones into walkie talkies so we can get you what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

You hear so many companies tout a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But how many of us have tried to take some of those companies up on that guarantee? Did you have to jump through hoops, stand on your head, and jump up and down 3 times to take them up on that guarantee? If our customers call and are unhappy with the degree of protection our service is providing, we go out and respray their property with no questions asked. If we were just there 2 days ago or 5 days ago and our customer isn’t happy, we will re-mist to make sure they are. Will they get the third degree on the phone or in person? Nope. Truly, it’s a no questions asked, no jump up and down guarantee.

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