I would like to share my excitement in introducing you to my new business, MOSQUITO SQUAD. Mosquito Squad provides outdoor pest management of harmful, disease bearing mosquitoes and ticks.

I am a teacher of Health and Physical Education for 20 years and being outside is very important to me. Whether exercising, doing yard work, or enjoying the patio with a glass a wine. I especially enjoy maintaining my property. In doing so, I have reluctantly used mosquito repellents on my person to combat the varicosity of hungry mosquito’s. Additionally, I pull my socks over my pant legs in order to prevent migration of ticks onto my body and the potential of Lyme Disease.

I am proud to offer my neighbors on the Northshore a service that provides greater opportunity for a healthy outdoor living experience. I utilize products that are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered. Rest assured I would be not be risking my health consciousness if I thought these products would be harmful to me.

We indicate that our product effectively reduces your mosquito and tick population by 85 – 90% which we back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will return and perform a no questions asked re-mist at no charge, or give you your money back!