Is it possible that you have Lyme Disease if you didn’t see a tick and didn’t see a rash? Avril Lavigne just learned that the hard way. Here are two truths that make this scenario not only possible but also not all that uncommon.

You won’t hit the bullseye every time

Utter the word Lyme Disease and people shudder. They should. It’s a disease that seems to be way too easy to catch. If ticks are in our grass and our plants and our leaves, how are we supposed to enjoy our lives without giving up on being outdoors? The nice thing is if you do somehow get bitten by a diseased tick, you will know right? Many people look for the bullseye rash to confirm they have Lyme Disease. But, about 20% of the time, Lyme Disease does not present with a bullseye rash. Unfortunately, the lack of such a rash cannot spell relief 100% of the time – only 80% of the time.

Nymph ticks are about the size of a poppy seed. Would you notice a nymph tick if it crawled on you?

Poppy seed sized ticks

If you think you have all the symptoms for Lyme Disease – fever, chills, sweats, muscles aches, fatigue, nausea & possibly joint pain but you never pulled off a tick, you may not be out of the woods.

In fact, nymph ticks are only about the size of a poppy seed which almost completely ensures that you won’t see a nymph tick that crawled on you. It’s so small, you likely won’t know if it bit you either.

Recently Avril Lavigne publicly announced that she has been suffering from Lyme Disease. She doesn’t know how or where she caught it and it took a very long time to come to a diagnosis.

The best protection is protection at home. Your yard is where you spend the majority of your outdoor time. Our seasonal protection includes regular misting that both eliminates adult ticks in your yard and continues to eliminate them based on our microencapsulated timed release system.