As you read this, many of our local ticks are finishing off their third blood meal, which means they are mature enough to lay eggs. For the Ixodes scapularis, better known as the black-legged deer tick, this final feast can last up to five days. During this time, if the tick is infected with any pathogens, such as Lyme Disease or Babesiosis, those diseases are transmitted.

Fully engorged, tick will fall off its host and lumber off in search of a safe place to lay its clutch of 2,000 eggs. Mouse or other small rodent dens are favorite places for ticks to burrow. They make ideal homes over the winter months for the tick nymphs: warmth, shelter, and a ready-made meal all close at hand. It is the perfect scenario for increasing the tick population throughout the North Shore region. And rest assured, if you have a yard, with any landscaping or stonework, you have these little furry creatures as co-residents.

Here is where Mosquito Squad of Leominster tick control experience really shines. We come in and strategically help break the tick population explosion with our Mosquito Squad Tick Tubes! While ticks are busy looks for warm hosts for winter hibernation, the little mice and other small creatures are busy lining their homes with soft bedding materials, in which to hibernate and birth their young. Our tick tubes are specially formulated to eliminate adult and nymph ticks, without harming the mice. It is a simple, effective solution that requires only a short phone call to have your yard winterized against ticks before the cold weather sets in.

Though it may feel like winter is a long way off, now is the time to schedule your North Shore tick control. If you are not already a member of our barrier treatment program, there is still time to enjoy the benefits of a mosquito and tick free yard. Our EPA registered barrier sprays work for weeks on end and are weather resistant. Our trained professional customer service technicians are friendly, on-time, and get the job done right for your entire property! We take no shortcuts, but thoroughly treat the entire landscape. This ensures an elimination rate of adult ticks and mosquitoes by up to 85% – 90%. Adding our Mosquito Squad Tick Tube Control gives you great peace of mind. Rest assured, our products are doing their job day in and day out, all winter long.

Protect your family from Lyme Disease by proactively eliminating ticks from your yard. To guarantee your spot in our Fall line up, or to learn more about Mosquito Squad of the North Shore tick control, you can contact us today at Mosquito Squad of Leominster. We offer a FREE consultation. Or simply call now to sign up