Author: Mosquito Squad of Leominster

Why are mosquitoes always biting YOU instead of everyone else? Are your genes that tasty to the aerial annoyances? Even if your skin isn’t the cream of the crop, mosquitoes may still be targeting you this summer.

What makes our skin more appetizing to crowds of irritating insects? The level of attraction comes to these flying frustrations in layers. Any person with a high concentration of heat or carbon dioxide on their skin can draw mosquitoes to a crowd, but if the mosquitoes choose you, that could mean one of a couple of things.

Even if you are standing still around a cook-out or gathering, not moving more than your counterparts, a higher concentration of certain smelly substances like cholesterol, uric acid or steroids will bring the bugs to you more times out of ten than the next mammal. These are, of course, genetic traits, but to keep the displeasing bugs off of you, there are a few things you could avoid.

If you are unfortunately more prone to mosquito bites, avoiding dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active will be beneficial to your health. Dawn and dusk provide moderate temperatures and low wind speeds that help mosquitoes pin-point your smell easier. These times of day also provide protection from predators like birds and bats.

Another temptation for the pests includes dark clothing. Not just blacks, but dark blues especially are like candy to the tiny tormentors. Darker colors attract light, and therefore heat, which will create a domino effect of demise for your perfect skin.

During the summer night hangouts, if you want to avoid mosquitoes, avoid beer. Beer can make you trail an essence that makes the tiny devils swarm. Beer also raises your body heat, which will inevitably bring your downfall to the vexing vermin.

This summer, instead of trying to outrun a tiff with the minuscule, ill-tempered bugs, just be smart to stay clean and fly under the radar of the mosquitoes’ torture.

For the ultimate in protection, have your yard professionally treated by a mosquito control company. Mosquito Squad of Leominster┬áprovides an effective barrier or perimeter spray program that rids your yard of both mosquitoes and ticks. We spray your yard so you don’t have to spray yourself with sticky chemicals that you have to put on every time you go out and wash off every time you come in.