Four Natural Ways to Prevent Insects in Your Yard

At Mosquito Squad of Lansing, we have helped many individuals destroy yard pests using naturalcare methods. And we can suggest the four techniques for getting rid of pests naturally on your own. Doing so will save you money and keep your yard healthy.

Let Spiders Thrive Outside

Spiders may scare you when you find them in your home, but they should be welcomed in your garden. These predators naturally destroy various pests in your yards by trapping them in nets or catching them while hunting, helping to cut back on multiple types of infestations that you may experience.

Attract spiders by planting items like St. John's Wart and petunias, as they love the smell of these flowers. Plant blackberries and other types of tall plants, as well, to give them a place to nest and thrive. Though not 100 percent effective, spiders will decrease your pest problems.

Remove Water Sources

Standing water is a popular destination for many mosquitoes because they lay their eggs here and drink from these pools. Try to identify any standing water in your yard that you can remove, such as getting rid of birdbaths, tubs that collect water, or anything else that you can remove.

This method is one of the best mosquito control methods for Lansing, as this area is home to various ponds, lakes, and rivers. It is mainly a good idea to get rid of standing water in your yard if you live near the Lansing River or the downtown area where this river flows.

Add Diatomaceous Earth to Your Yard

Diatomaceous earth is a unique natural pest control method that many pest control experts have used for years. Its naturaldesign makes it very popular, as does its non-toxic nature. Made out of the shells of diatoms (small shellfish), this earth is harmless to animals and plants but not insects.

When insect crawls across this powder, it attaches to their bodies and dries it out. Once their bodies dry out, these pests will die. If you correctly apply this earth across your yard, you can kill many critters en masse

Apply Natural Pesticides

Pest control experts have expanded their treatment options over the years to provide high-quality, naturalpesticides. These items are made of natural ingredients and are safe to use in most yards. Most are even pet- and kid-friendly, meaning there's minimal to no risk of injury.

For example, there are many backyard mosquito treatment methods in Lansing that utilize naturaloils. These oils spread quickly on your lawn and will keep mosquitoes and other pests from affecting you. It is possible to find these pesticides in your local shops or buy some from a pest control expert.

Reach Out for Help

If you want to work with the best mosquito control company for your needs, please reach out to us at Mosquito Squad of Lansing to learn more. When you call (517) 798-8681, you can schedule an examination of your case and get naturalhelp for your pest-invasion problem.