Lansing: Help Protect Your Pets From Ticks and Mosquitoes With Yard Treatments This Year!

Lansing is a fun and exciting capital city with plenty of activities, job opportunities, and cultural excitement. However, there's a dark side to the town: its mosquito and tick problem. As a pet owner in Lansing, you need to make sure that you take care of these vermin in your yard every year to help ensure that your beloved cats and dogs don't get sick. And we at Mosquito Squad of Lansing can help.

Mosquitoes and Ticks Remain a Real Problem in Lansing

Every year, millions of mosquitoes and ticks hatch throughout Michigan and are particularly heavily concentrated in its more rural northern regions. However, even big cities like Lansing need the best mosquito control and tick treatments to keep their yards safe. This fact is particularly true if you have cats and dogs because ticks and mosquitoes are likely to attack them the worst.

After all, when your pup is out in the backyard, what can they do to stop mosquitoes from biting them and potentially spreading viruses like Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus to your pets? Both diseases occur in Michigan every year and can be deadly, as can the tick-spread Lyme disease problem common in Michigan.

Thankfully, the best mosquito control company can provide a pet-safe mosquito control option that works for your needs. At Mosquito Squad of Lansing, we offer many treatment options, including an naturaloption for  pet-friendly mosquito control and tick sprays that provide effective mosquito treatment.

How Treating Your Yard Protects Your Pets

While education professionals have created things like The Tick App to help Lansing residents better understand tick treatments, backyard mosquito control and pest treatments remain essential. Here are a few ways we at Mosquito Squad of Lansing can help with your backyard mosquito problem:

  • Traditional Barrier Treatment: This EPA-registered treatment method provides the best mosquito protection and tick control in Lansing and will keep your yard protected from these vermin.
  • Traditional and NaturalTreatment Options: Our acclaimed and EPA-registered treatment methodsuse a proprietary blend of ingredients that offer effective mosquito and tick control. Depending on the treatment option, treatments are only needed every 14-21 days.
  • Automatic Misting: If your yard has a high concentration of mosquitoes and ticks, our misting system provides 30-seconds sprays 2-4 times per day to create a strong backyard mosquito protection and tick management tool.
  • Tick Tubes: While our traditional and natural barriers work for ticks, our tick tubes provide a more specific treatment option that helps to gets rid of ticks in your yard..

Contact Us Today to Get Help

If you want mosquito control from the best  in the area, please call (877) 332-2239 to contact us at Mosquito Squad of Lansing today. We can provide a backyard mosquito treatment for Lansing yards that works for your needs.