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Brick Township Mosquito Barrier Treatment

Brick Township Mosquito Barrier Protection Treatment 

Are you sick and tired of being attacked by mosquitoes as soon as you set foot outside? It’s like they know exactly when and where to strike to get what they want: your blood. You can purchase all the personal mosquito sprays and repellents you want, but only a professional control expert has the supplies, equipment, and effective solutions that last. 

At Mosquito Squad of the Jersey Shore, we’re your local mosquito and tick control experts in Brick Township, ready to help you say goodbye to blood-sucking invaders. You can rely on our effective and affordable Mosquito Barrier Protection treatment. Our goal is to help you take back your yard, so you can enjoy the warm sun and beautiful greenery without worrying about being eaten alive. 

Let us protect your family from mosquitoes today! Call our Brick Township control specialists at Mosquito Squad of the Jersey Shore or contact us online to set up a no-cost consultation! 

Effective Mosquito Barrier Protection for Your Backyard 

We can venture to guess that store-bought products haven’t done much to keep out mosquitoes or keep them from returning to your yard. That’s because most solutions you find in stores are made with completely synthetic and toxic chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and destroy your plants. 

Our popular and effective barrier treatment solution is:

  • Long-lasting – You get up to 21 days of mosquito and tick protection. With enough treatments, we’re sure pests will finally take a hint and vacate the premises. 
  • Competitively priced – You won’t have to sacrifice everything just to get a pest-free yard. Our traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment is affordable and customizable. 
  • Outworks competitors – Our competitors have tried to replicate our EPA-registered treatment, but they can’t come close to matching our success rates. 
  • Thorough – With a complete yard assessment, we find mosquito resting areas and treat those spaces with our barrier treatment to eliminate larva and adult mosquitoes on contact.

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Your Yard?

You are (or, more specifically, your blood is) the main attraction for mosquitoes and ticks. Obviously, you can’t just stop going outside or start dressing in sweaters and pants in summer, so what do you do? You declutter and perform regular maintenance tasks to keep mosquitoes and ticks from making a home in your backyard. 

Areas that commonly attract mosquitoes include: 

  • Overgrown grass and greenery
  • Containers that can collect water
  • Blocked gutters that create water buildup
  • Nesting areas like old tree stumps

Yard upkeep is vital to the overall health of your green space, and a tidy backyard will look much less attractive to mosquitoes and ticks. 

A Personalized Plan of Protection from Mosquitoes & Ticks

When you hire our team to support you in eliminating ticks and mosquitoes, you can count on a personalized plan based on the treatment area’s size and the type of treatment that suits your property best. 

Create a haven for you and your family. Contact our Brick Township team to learn how we can assist you! Our mosquito barrier treatments can repel pests for up to 3 weeks after application. 

Start Enjoying Your Yard Again

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