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Up Close Look at Mosquito Sucking Blood


Ever wondered what’s going on when a mosquito is biting you?

mosquito on skin

French researches took an up close look to see exactly what goes on inside the body of a mammal when a mosquito is sucking its blood. Science lovers can watch the video here which shows a mosquito connecting with a blood vessel. Researchers were able to catch this footage using Intravital video microscopy during a mosquito’s blood feeding.

The study was entitled “Visualizing Non Infectious and Infectious Anopeles gambiae Blood Feedings in Naive and Saliva-Immunized Mice.” The team of French scientists wanted to examine the interactions occurring at the skin interface when bitten by a mosquito.  Led by Valerie Choumet from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the team wanted to visualize how malaria-infected mosquitoes pass on pathogens, as well as an up close demonstration of how the blood-suckers bite.

mosquito sucking blood up close

So what happens when a mosquito bites a mammal? The proboscis, composed of several parts that puncture the skin and spread out once inside. When piercing through the skin it is like a needle, yet is flexible and allows the mosquito to control and find its way toward the blood vessel.

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