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La Marque, a city about 50 miles south of Houston, Texas with around 15,000 residents. The city is also very close to the Galveston Bay, so it's safe to assume that the city gets a bit more mosquitoes than other Texas cities usually do. The mosquito's life cycle relies heavily on bodies of water no matter how small or large. The female mosquito will lay her eggs in water and a short time after that; there will be another hundred mosquitoes to bite you this summer. So the next step in this scenario is to use mosquito repellents & sprays to prevent from getting bit right? Maybe, but for most, consumer mosquito products do little to protect yourself from the droves of mosquitoes that invade summer after summer. So we offer a much better alternative to loading up on mosquito control products, and it's in the form of sprays from Mosquito Squad of Houston. Our solutions are ideal for any customer in the La Marque & Houston-area as we've spent years in the area have almost had a sixth sense for knowing how much protection a yard needs. We'll either recommend a barrier spray for protection that is applied every 2-3 weeks for year-round protection or our special event spray that's just for large gatherings.


When thinking about getting a mosquito control barrier treatment for your yard, consider the different options that are available to you in the La Marque area. Sure, some of our competitors offer a similar product and service and you could even get a consumer mosquito control product that also provides a similar effect. When it comes to mosquito control having just a "similar" effect isn't enough, it's best to get the superior product. At Mosquito Squad of Houston, we invented and patented the mosquito barrier spray and we've been improving the spray ever since. Our barrier spray protects up to three weeks long and not only eliminates mosquitoes but also other insects such as gnats & flies.

Experience Our No Hassle, Professional Service

No hassle isn't just something we came up with for our ads and website; it's an ideology that we follow to the "T." We ensure that the entire process of getting quality mosquito control services is as easy as possible, with zero hassles, guaranteed. To start the process, call us to set up an appointment for the date and time that works best for you schedule; we're usually very flexible to fit you in at nearly any day and time. Then on the day and time that was scheduled, we head on over to your property to access the needs of the property. We also focus on places where stagnant water can pool creating the perfect environment for mosquito larvae and overturn these containers. We then apply a barrier spray around the property, also looking for areas that could be used as mosquito hiding spots. It takes around 30 minutes to apply and then 30 minutes to dry. When dry, you'll now have a yard that is mosquito-free for up to three weeks!


Recognized nearly nationwide as the preferred mosquito control brand, we've always strived to create the best mosquito control sprays. Started as a spray that our sister company's used for their protection for their outdoor lighting installers, our barrier spray has evolved dramatically over the years for the better. All the while improving on our compounds to ensure effectiveness & safety for the environment. With having hundreds of franchises across the United States, we're able to take the advice of those franchises to create the best product on the market today. Mosquito Squad of Houston has been serving the greater Houston and surrounding areas for years now, and we're slowly gaining more and more satisfied customers. Coupling excellent service with great products, Mosquito Squad doesn't just eliminate mosquitoes we proactively prevent the mosquitos from coming back. We're always aiming to be a better company, a company that isn't just mosquito exterminators but experienced professionals that shield & educate all of our customers on the dangers of mosquitoes. So don't call just any mosquito control company, call the company who cares.

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  • “I will NEVER have a summer without Mosquito Squad!” - Jane P.
  • “I am a believer! After one treatment I noticed a huge difference. Huge! Now, after 3 treatments, I marvel at how much time I've spent outside this summer. Thank you for giving me my outdoors back.” - Connie B.
  • “We have been long time customers of Mosquito Squad. We tried another company a few years back, but their product didn't work as well. Not only does the product work and allow us to enjoy the outdoors, ...” - Mary
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