Professional Mosquito Control: Efficiency Meets Effectiveness

Author: Mosquito Squad of Houston

When it comes to eliminating mosquitoes from your yard there are many different options available with varying degrees of effectiveness. You could pick up some pesticide from a store and do it yourself, or you could use scented candles to try and keep mosquitoes away. You could even do it the old fashioned way, killing them yourself with a trusty swatter. Another, increasingly popular option would be to get a professional to do it for you. There are a number of reasons why you should call a professional. Their expertise, knowledge and effectiveness being the most prominent.

At Mosquito Squad Houston, our guys go through extensive training to understand the best way to take combat mosquitoes in a variety of situations and environments. In addition to the detailed training, gaining the experience of doing what works on a regular basis can be more efficient than someone who is attempting to achieve results for the very first time. A person with this experience knows which areas in your yard to focus on and how to most effectively eliminate those annoying mosquitoes.

Professionals know how much product is the perfect amount, and as a result can spray fewer chemicals to get the job done. When people do it themselves, they tend to spray more chemicals than is actually necessary under the assumption that more pesticide will get rid of more mosquitoes. Another danger of doing it yourself is not knowing what’s in the product being sprayed. This can lead to accidental use of toxic chemicals, while a professional is more aware of a product’s contents and what to use versus what not to use.

One of the biggest reasons to utilize professional pest control is that you don’t have to do it yourself and ultimately have more time to do things that are really important. We can apply treatment even when you’re not at home and will leave documentation of service at the door. That way you don’t have to worry about treating your yard after work or on a weekend when you’d rather be enjoying your yard instead of working in it.

Another reason to use professional pest control is to become more educated. If you have specific questions, our professionals are more than happy to answer your questions and ensure that you and your family are safe. Our sprays take less than an hour to apply and dry before it is safe for your children and pets to return to enjoying your yard. Whereas, if doing it yourself, it can be more difficult to know safety facts concerning the product used.

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