What Is the Difference Between Mosquito Squad and Other Competitors?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Houston

Before we owned Mosquito Squad of Houston, our family was a customer to the Mosquito Squad of Austin Austin group beginning in the Spring of 2014. As a mom of two dogs and a baby on the way (at the time), I researched the mosquito services available and found Mosquito Squad to have the safest, effective product on the market. If you are like me, you also want to know the difference between Mosquito Squad and other mosquito products/services. Here is your answer.

  1. Mosquitoes are the sole focus. Mosquito Squad is a mosquito expert, and mosquitoes are the specialty. Mosquito Squad is not a general pest company that happens to spray for mosquitoes. The Squad’s barrier spray formula is created with the latest technology to eliminate mosquitoes in their habitat and breeding style. (Yes, MS also kills ticks and other flying insects, and that’s a bonus!)
  2. Barrier Sprays VS. Knock-Down spray. Unlike other product formulations that merely “knock-down” the mosquitoes that are flying during a fogging (for example, the city mosquito fogger trucks), Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray crystallizes on the foliage around your home and continues to eliminate the pests after the initial application is complete.
  3. Your entire property is treated, not just the perimeter of the house. Mosquito Squad Houston inspects your entire property and treats each area appropriately (i.e., larvacide for standing water, natural product near bodies of water), and eliminates each different source of mosquito breeding space around your yard.
  4. 21-day guaranteed protection. Mosquito Squad Houston guarantees mosquito protection for 21 days. You can realistically expect an 85-90% reduction in mosquitoes in your yard, and we will re-visit your yard, no questions asked if you need us to.
  5. The product is mixed by a single Lead Technician for all services. Instead of mixing chemicals in your yard, or by the job by difference technicians with different levels of experience, Mosquito Squad’s formula is mixed at our warehouse by our Lead Technician (Mark!) for each and every job. This promises a consistent, and correct ratio of mosquito spray at each home serviced.
  6. Full-time, licensed commercial technician applicators at every job. Mosquito Squad Houston only employs trained applicators that pass a state exam.

These are some of the reasons I discontinued using another mosquito company, tried Mosquito Squad, and ultimately our family purchased the Houston-area territories to make the service available for our hometown friends and family.

We love to answer any questions you have about the service. Talk to you soon! (713) 597-4202