Tips for Hosting a Spring or Summer Party

outdoor party

After the long slog of winter, are you starting to get excited about the outdoor living season? We certainly are. At long last, we can finally consider dispelling cold, gray weather and embracing the warm sun and breezes that accompany the best time of year. As soon as spring finally decides to return, there is almost a palpable air of excitement and joy as flowers bloom and hints of summer fill the air. It is this feeling that compels people to begin considering how to host outdoor gatherings in the fantastic summer weather. Taking advantage of the outdoors while they remain comfortable and beautiful is a summer essential, but do you have all the tools to make your outdoor gathering one to remember? Hosting guests always sounds nice but doing so is deceptively difficult. There are so many components to ponder, and overthinking can suck the fun out of your party. So, let’s avoid that and dig into some great tips to help your party planning run smoothly!

Organize your buffet

One issue you want to avoid is running out of food. This is the nightmare of any party host, but there is an easy way to make your spread last. The trick: Place your chips, salsa, veggies, and salads towards the front of the line. Towards the end of the line, place your more expensive items like fruit, meat, and cheese. This way, if your guests’ eyes are too big for their stomachs, they will fill up on the appetizers first and won’t feel inclined to overserve themselves with the most important food items!


A common downside of hosting outdoor gatherings in the summer is when dark descends before the party has ended. With either professionally installed lights or with tastefully placed candle arrays, some form of soft lighting is a great way to enhance the ambiance and keep the gathering going. Furthermore, lighting plays an important role in safety – don’t let your guests go stumbling around in the dark!

Serve refreshing drinks

Flavorful drinks are a great way to elevate the mood for both spring and summer parties. Something about a cool, tasty beverage can make it even easier to bring smiles to your guests’ faces. This is also an important reminder: make sure you have ice in good supply. Lukewarm beverages can be off-putting, so make sure you purchase ice bags or have some ice stored up for your outdoor beverage cooler.

Bug defense with Enfield Mosquito Control

The ultimate party crashers are the mosquitoes that decide to ruin your special gathering. Nothing corrupts the mood like a swarm of ravenous mosquitoes delivering painful bites. To keep you and your guests happy throughout the day and evening, mosquito control is essential. Since our founding in 2005, we’ve provided customers with comprehensive mosquito control that is long-lasting and proven to work to great effect. Our barrier protection treatments, when applied to your yard’s perimeter and on mosquito breeding grounds, are guaranteed to deliver up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard. With a reapplication every 2-3 weeks, you can rest assured that you and your gatherings will be defended against mosquitoes throughout the spring and summer.

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