Ticks and Mosquitoes Beware, Simsbury Tick Control is Here

Simsbury Tick Control

Where do you like to hang out? The answer to this question probably varies for you depending on the season, but spring and summer are the best times of year to spend time outdoors. While the weather remains nice in Connecticut, people flock to their yards and the woods for the breath of fresh air that was missing during the winter months. Few things feel as luxurious as a warm summer breeze wafting through the yard, and we would encourage you to savor this time of year. However, you should consider whether your yard is prepared for outdoor relaxation.

As you’ve probably noticed in past years, mosquitoes are becoming an increasingly difficult problem to handle in our region with no end in sight. Warmer weather is becoming a norm far earlier in the season than usual, giving rise to massive mosquito populations that threaten the outdoor lifestyle we crave during the warmer months. Despite their small size, mosquitoes are unrivaled in their ability to disrupt everything from a peaceful nap outside to important events like graduations and weddings. Their invasive feeding habits are not only pretty gross but also painful, so we feel little sympathy for these creatures. Furthermore, mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases to their victims. The ability to give humans diseases is a trait shared by ticks, which are also a huge problem in our part of the world. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks can latch onto their victims for days at a time, a period when they can pass pathogens like Lyme disease along. In addition to their nasty feeding behavior, ticks and mosquitoes pose serious risks to your health during the warmer months. Ticks, especially, in our region carry diseases with disturbing frequency. To defend against these vampiric creatures this season, look no further than Mosquito Squad.

Defend against pests with Simsbury mosquito control

Your outdoor lifestyle deserves to reach its peak, which means ticks and mosquitoes need to go. Since 2005, we at Mosquito Squad have defended our neighbors against both ticks and mosquitoes with resounding results. Our barrier protection treatments, which last for up to 3 weeks, have been proven to reduce mosquito populations in client yards by up to 90%. Such results speak for themselves, and we offer a service guarantee that ensures you will be satisfied with your treatment efficacy. With Mosquito Squad’s help, ticks and mosquitoes will no longer feel welcome on your property.

Simsbury tick control is proven effective against mosquitoes, too. For a dual defense against ticks and mosquitoes, trust the experts at Mosquito Squad of Hartford. Give us a call at (860) 356-3953.