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Cromwell Tick Control is Essential This Spring

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After a long, cold winter, are you ready to get back in the outdoors? For many in the Northeast, this is exactly the plan as temperatures thaw. From hosting guests to frolicking in the yard, spring and summer are a time to celebrate the outdoors, but you need to stay wary. Not all is well in the outdoors this season. As you may already know, ticks are returning in abundance this spring as temperatures steadily rise above freezing, and these tiny arachnids are ravenous. In more ways than one, ticks are one of the biggest downsides of spending time outside. Not only do these creatures enjoy feeding on blood, but they are also capable of spreading dangerous diseases to our loved ones.

Over the past decade, Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses have skyrocketed in tick populations, signaling a potential health crisis could be on the horizon. Indeed, such a scenario is exactly what health experts are warning about as our climate becomes increasingly favorable to ticks. Why are ticks such prolific spreaders of disease, though? Historically, ticks have contributed to waves of Lyme disease infections throughout ancient America, and it is only in recent years that the disease has re-emerged as a serious threat. Due to past deforestation practices, some species of ticks were nearly driven to extinction, but their numbers have since rebounded as habitat restoration continues throughout the Northeast. In addition, deer, birds, and other animals are seen with greater frequency in our region. Although they won’t infect us, these animals are all known carriers of tick-borne diseases and are considered “disease reservoirs”, where ticks often pick up harmful pathogens. Humans are at great risk of contracting such diseases as tick populations expand, so it is vitally important to be prepared. With the help of the experts and Mosquito Squad, you can enjoy your yard without worries this spring and summer.

Mosquito Squad is the key to Cromwell tick control

Ticks are not a creature to mess with, but there are solutions to keep these tiny arachnids away. Since 2005, Mosquito Squad has worked tirelessly to keep our customers defended throughout the spring, summer, and fall. In addition to the expert analysis of our technicians, our barrier protection treatment is guaranteed to deliver results. Applied every two to three weeks, our treatment is a proven tick control method that leads the industry in effectiveness. To defend your property and your health this summer, Cromwell tick control from Mosquito Squad of Hartford is here to help. Give us a call at (860) 356-3953.

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