Enjoy Special Events Without Mosquitoes Courtesy of Southington Mosquito Control

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With the summer solstice just behind us, summer is approaching its peak. The longest days of the year are right here and now, meaning outdoor special events are reaching their peak demand. From backyard frivolities to events that celebrate life’s greatest milestones, taking the celebration outdoors is one of the best summer conveniences. Unfortunately, some creatures thrive on spoiling the outdoor fun, and their presence threatens your event’s success. As you’ve probably guessed already, the creatures in question are mosquitoes, and they are back in force this summer. Due to various factors, including shifting climate conditions and ample food sources, mosquito populations are exploding like never before and are seemingly committed to ruining our time outdoors. Female mosquitoes are driven to harvest blood to lay their eggs, so our blood plays a direct role in the growth of these insects. Obviously, you want your outdoor event to be as enjoyable as possible for you and your guests, and mosquitoes don’t belong. Not just because of their painful bites, but also because of their ability to spread mosquito-borne diseases. To avoid mosquito bites and the diseases that can accompany them, professional mosquito control is vital. Who can you trust with such a task, though?

Special event Southington mosquito control from the experts

Not just anyone can defend you against mosquitoes. These insects are notoriously difficult to keep in line, especially since many products rely on semi-truthful marketing. Yes, the devices you might buy at a store can help against mosquitoes in the short run, but they do very little to address the underlying problems contributing to your mosquito problem. Such shortcomings are why mosquito control from professionals is so important. In the lead-up to your event, we will come to your property to assess the event space and determine the best defensive plan. By applying our special event mosquito spray within a couple of weeks before your event, our defense measures have time to take effect and create a sustained defensive barrier.

Mosquito control in Southington is essential for outdoor fun

There is no reason why mosquitoes should be permitted to ruin your time in the outdoors, and we take the threats mosquitoes pose seriously. Since 2005, we’ve worked diligently to ensure our treatments meet the highest standards, and they have a long history of success. Further, we offer a service guarantee, which ensures satisfaction for every customer. We’re that confident in our ability to deliver results!

Don’t allow mosquitoes near your event this summer. With special event Southington mosquito control, you get the best service around from Mosquito Squad of Hartford. Give us a call at (860) 356-3953.