Don’t let active ticks take over your yard!

According to, the Virginia heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which means we still have a good chunk of our season that will be filled with ticks. Whether you’re a current seasonal customer or a new customer trying to get relief from ticks in your yard, we can help.

Ticks become active during the warmer months and stay active even into the colder, chilly months of November and December. Ticks are like mosquitoes in the way that they can lay their eggs, and they will stay dormant until they are ready to hatch in the spring season. The difference between mosquito and tick eggs is that ticks don’t NEED a certain habitat to lay their eggs, and often they drop off of their host (usually a deer) anywhere to lay eggs when they are ready.

If heavy foliage surrounds your home and you often see deer roaming around your property, you’re at higher risk of coming into contact with ticks this fall. Lucky for you, there is no need to worry. With an increase of ticks this spring, we wanted to begin providing a service that will not only eliminate ticks on contact but will prevent young nymph ticks from becoming adults and feeding on humans as a host.

The newest introduction of service to the Hampton Roads Mosquito Squad is Tick Tubes. Tick tubes are filled with cotton that has been soaked in our product, mice take these pieces of cotton and create a den with them. When the young tick goes to look for their first meal, they will go looking for a mouse den and be eliminated on contact with the product soaked cotton ball.

This service is meant to not only eliminate ticks but prevent the tick population from increasing in the spring for your property. Call Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads to discuss your tick control needs!