Mosquito Squad at Port of Virginia

The Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads is happy to provide mosquito control to the Virginia International Terminals.  Thousands of workers come and go from the ports daily, and Mosquito Squad keeps them bite free.  We service all four of the ports in the Hampton Roads area, including Norfolk International Terminal, Virginia International Terminals, Portsmouth Marine Terminal and Newport News Marine Terminal.

The Mosquito Squad can exterminate mosquitoes on contact, and keep them away for the next three weeks.  We are also able to help with fleas, ticks and chiggers which can cause many problems.  Mosquito control is important at a location like the ports, because so many people are coming and going from all over the country, you never know what could happen if a mosquito got in a place where it does not belong.

With the increased awareness of Mosquito Control due to the Zika virus, now is the perfect time to protect your business from mosquitoes.  You do not want to have customers come to your location who do not want to come back due to a mosquito infestation.  The Mosquito Squad allows you to know that your guests are not worrying about mosquitoes.