We Love Bee's at Mosquito Squad!

A picture of bees

Did you know that ⅓ of the world’s food production depends on pollinators? Did you know a world without pollinators equals a world without chocolate? Honeybees are essential to both people and to the planet. Additionally, honeybees are solely responsible for many of the fruits and vegetables we eat.A picture of honeycomb

A picture of a bee colony

A honey bee hive has one colony, which typically consists of 20,000 bees. The number of colonies for pollination a fruit or vegetable requires varies as shown below:

A picture of honeycomb

The owner of your local Mosquito Squad is a beekeeper with a thriving apiary and consistently applies the same mosquito treatment that we offer you on her property. Just like so many others in the area, we are doing our part to help the bees and also to protect them. Here at your local Mosquito Squad, we love bees as much as we love protecting you from mosquitoes.


We understand there is a lot of discussion and concern regarding pesticide in relation to honeybee health and population. For our current and future customers who have established hives on their property, we take care to avoid these areas and any areas where bees and other beneficial insects reside.

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