Natural Mosquito Control

Though our traditional barrier treatment solution is approved by the EPA, we are well aware there are some customers seeking a 100% green solution. We are happy to offer an natural barrier treatment solution to provide customers the best possible green control against mosquitoes.

Though our natural barrier treatment solution will not match the results of our traditional barrier treatment solution, most customers experiencing a moderate mosquito problem will see a 70-75% reduction in their property’s mosquito population. In order to maintain optimal control, we decrease the standard time between applications when using our natural treatment barrier solution, resulting in treatment every 2 weeks.

There are no poisons or harmful chemicals in the natural treatment. Just 99.3% garlic juice with some food grade preservatives added.

Q: How is the natural barrier treatment solution applied during treatment?

A: The natural barrier treatment solution is applied during treatment using a professional-grade backpack mist blower. Our technician will create an even perimeter of protection with the finely atomized wet mist produced from the mist blower. By using the mist blower, we are able to apply our natural barrier treatment solution on harder to reach sites known to be some of the mosquito’s typical resting spots such as the underside of leaves, the underside of decks, and deep into dense foliage.