Getting Mosquitoes Out of your Greenville House

mosquito man misting

Did you ever awake to find three or four mosquito bites up one arm or down one leg? Then there’s the immediate thought, “boy something really chewed on me last night!” The only thing worse than getting bitten by mosquitoes outdoors has got to be STILL getting bitten after you come inside.

How Do Mosquitoes End Up Indoors?

We know that mosquitoes love water and if you’ve got any standing water at home it’s possibly in a flower pot or watering tin right by your door. Now your kids are coming in and out and in and out as they do in summer and the mosquitoes are slipping in. Also if your window screens don’t fit so tightly or have a tiny hole here and there, mosquitoes are tiny and could slide right through on one of those cooler mornings when you decide to let a little fresh air in.

Now that one or two have made their way inside there’s still a chance of finding water inside to lay eggs too. Remember it doesn’t take much, so a sink that doesn’t drain or a water bottle left open and half full by the sink could become a litter of new mosquitoes very quickly.

How to Eliminate Mosquitoes Inside the House

Now that mosquitoes are in, how do you get them out? Camphor is a quick and simple remedy. A small bowl of water with a 10-gram tablet of camphor in it will make the mosquitoes fly away. If the room is large, crush it a little before putting it in water. Repeat every couple of days to get them out of your house. Of course, at the same time, you’re eliminating the little suckers you need to make sure you’re keeping more from getting in. Check your screens, dump water INSIDE AND OUT. You might add some weather stripping to your doors as well. Remember it barely takes a crack for them to make their way indoors.

The best way to keep the mosquitoes from getting inside is simply not to have them outside. that’s where we come in. Mosquito Squad of Greenville will eliminate 90% of existing mosquitoes in your yard and continue to work for 3 weeks. Planning for a summer without mosquito bites inside and out is a phone call away. Call us at (864) 362-2013!