Even If Spring Shows Up Late, the Ticks are Coming With It

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child with dog It’s Spring in the Upstate… or is it? Mother Nature seems to be confused. We keep waiting for the warmer weather and even when it shows up it doesn’t stay. If you are searching for the positives in this longer than normal winter you might have considered fewer bugs to worry about this summer as one of them. Well, we need to warn you not to put ticks on that list.

TV station KWCH in Wichita Kansas reported about whether or not the colder weather would keep the tick population there down. Agent Matt McKernan from the Sedgewick County Extension Office says definitely not. In fact, McKernan said that even the recent snow they’ve had wouldn’t kill off ticks or keep them from hatching.

Ticks Survive in Cold Weather

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Tick Encounter.org says that deer ticks will survive and even be active as long as the temperatures are above freezing. In the Upstate that’s the line we’ve been on, just above freezing, and we haven’t had snow recently. So colder weather than we are used to this time of year or not, the ticks are still going to be out. They may be hiding in leaf piles and dense brush or tall grass to stay a little warm,but they are going to be out. It’s just not likely there will be any break from them this year or any other.

So as it gets to be time to finally start your spring projects outside, Mosquito Squad of Greenville suggests you treat first. Our barrier treatment will eliminate 85-90% of the adult ticks living in your yard on contact. This can protect you before you start to clear out any brush and debris Old Man Winter left behind as he finally takes his leave! We are suggesting that you follow the 6Cs of Tick Proofing Your Yard, just start at the bottom with treatment.

And remember when you are in other places, places you have no control of, protect yourself there too. Wear light clothing, use insect repellent, check yourself after walks where ticks could be present. Ticks can carry dangerous diseases. Protect yourself now, don’t wait until you begin to see them because some are so small you never will.


If you have more questions about how you can treat your home and stay free of ticks give Mosquito Squad of Greenville a call. We can’t wait to hear from you! (864) 362-2013