Why Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s Mosquito and Tick Protection is Better

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Mosquito Squad IconThings are sprouting up all over Greenville. The trees are budding, flowers blooming and mosquito control companies are emerging. You may have seen a number of companies around the area and have questions about which one is right for you. There are differences, big differences, and not just in price. It’s important to research the companies to be sure you are receiving the most complete mosquito and tick control and prevention for your yard and your family.

You may have noticed in the last several weeks that mosquitoes and ticks have awakened from their long winters nap. They are out there in our Greenville yards and now is the time to get your mosquito and tick treatment started. When you begin researching services and mosquito control companies, be sure you are comparing like services. Ask tough questions because that is the only way you will get accurate answers. When you call Mosquito Squad of Greenville, here are the answers to the tough questions you should ask every mosquito control company:

  • How effective is your treatment?  85 – 90% of mosquitoes and ticks will be eliminated from your yard.  Our barrier treatment is proven to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact and keep additional pests out of your yard.
  • Does my quote cover the entire season? Mosquito Squad of Greenville treats your property for an entire season, not a partial season.  We won’t quote you a price that only covers a small amount of sprays, running out when mosquito and tick activity is at its peak.  Our prices cover the entire season of sprays to keep you protected.
  • Do you treatment my entire yard?  Your quoted price will also cover the entire acreage of your yard.  We don’t only treat what we can cover with one tank like some other companies.  We treat your entire yard because effective mosquitoes and ticks control has to not only eliminate those pests in your yard but also keep additional pest from entering.
  • Are you the cheapest mosquito and tick control around?  No, and here’s why: with mosquito and tick protection, you get what you pay for. Some companies use the least expensive products available and you’ll notice that in the results.  Mosquito Squad of Greenville uses the best products available and they are all EPA registered.  Mosquito Squad has an entire department dedicated to testing and continuously improving the ingredients in our treatment for the best possible mosquito and tick control.
  • How long does each treatment last? Our barrier treatment not only eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact and creates a protective barrier around your treated property, it also contains a binding agent that will adhere to the vegetation in your yard, not washing away with the rain like some other companies.  The residual keeps working for 21 days, which is when we are back applying another round of treatment.
  • Is your service backed by a guarantee? Yes it is!  Mosquito Squad of Greenville stands behind our proven and effective products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you notice mosquito or tick activity on your treated property between sprays, give us a call and we’ll come back to re-treatment.
mosquitoes that bite and spread diseaseMosquito Squad of Greenville knows that protecting your family and pets from mosquitoes, ticks and the diseases they can carry is important to you.  And, it’s important to us. So, do your research and compare our services. We think you’ll see why Mosquito Squad of Greenville is the mosquito and tick control company for you. Guaranteed.

Give Mosquito Squad of Greenville a call to begin your season long mosquito and tick control at (864) 362-2013!