Why Are Mosquitoes Already Biting in Greenville?


Spring has Sprung… Early!

FlowersI think we already knew that Punxsutawney Phil did not understand how unpredictable South Carolina weather can be, but he was really off base this time. It was mid-February when the temps started reaching the high 60’s and even topped out at 80 a few days in the Upstate. The majority of us loved pulling out our flip flops or putting the tops down instead of having to warm up the cars in the morning, but admit it…you thought about the bugs. My Mama always said that you need a good cold winter, so the mosquitoes aren’t as bad in the summer.

The Truth

mosquitoMama isn’t a scientist, but Tim Husen, Ph.D., board-certified entomologist is, and he tells Accuweather.com that once nighttime temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the nighttime hours, we can expect to see mosquitoes. Accuweather also reports 11 nights in February where the temperature was above 50 degrees. When you search for Mosquito season maps, most will show South Carolina’s season begins mid-March and ends mid-October. So we are a month early. Insert unenthusiastic “Yay.”

The Finest of Conditions

You may have also noticed it’s a little wet. With all the rain that we’ve had, it is more than likely you have standing water around your home. Flower pots not yet filled, bird baths, tarps… any of these things that you haven’t quite started to clean up or use during your yearly spring yard clean up, maybe sitting around full of water. These are the places that mosquitoes like to lay eggs. Mosquito Squad of Greenville wants to remind you to check out and follow the 5Ts of mosquito control. It’s never too early to begin protecting your family from mosquitoes, especially with the early arrival of warm weather.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville would like to help you keep your yard a fun place to gather and play. Why not start right now and give us a call. Let us begin right away with our barrier sprays so that you don’t even have to begin dealing with these little flying pests. Every three weeks we come back and treatment throughout the season, eliminating 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard. Stop it before it starts by calling today. Mosquito Squad of Greenville (864) 362-2013