Time To Get Outside Greenville!

Did you hit the end of the season sales for new patio furniture last year? Have you built a new deck or fire pit recently? Maybe you’ve installed some new outdoor lighting to extend your evenings outdoors once the sun goes down. It seems that more and more these days people are investing in their outdoor living spaces. And when you can have as many warm days a year as we do here in the Upstate, why wouldn’t you? With Spring barely a week away you are probably itching to get out and enjoy these things. But if you’re going to invest money in perfecting your outdoor living space why would you not invest money in keeping the mosquitoes away so that you can enjoy it.

When we say itching we do NOT want it to be from mosquito bites.

You probably put those extra lights in so that you could be the go-to house on Friday night, not to mention you want to show off your grilling skills. But if your friends spend all night swatting mosquitoes then they are going to remember that instead of your award winning BBQ sauce.

Here’s another scenario: A kids birthday, maybe a pool party if you’re lucky enough to have a pool.The kids beg you to let them invite those 10 extra friends. Well why not, the more the merrier and besides… they will be outside. But when dusk hits and the mosquitoes come out you may end up with a house full of wet kids… plus 10.

Newly built fire pit? The only way the smoke is going to keep the mosquitoes away is if it’s enough smoke to run you off too.

Don’t Wait… Treat Today!

Now that you’ve got a good mental picture of the above disasters I bet you are thinking “No way, this can’t be us”.

At Mosquito Squad of Greenville, we agree and we have the solution. All it requires from you is a phone call. Mosquito Squad of Greenville wants to schedule your first mosquito control treatment today. Starting early, before those flying pests really come out in force, is the best way to keep your yard practically free of mosquitoes. Our barrier treatment kills 85-90% of mosquitoes on contact and continues to work for 2-3 weeks. You can schedule the entire season and not think about it again. That leaves much more time for menu planning, flower planting, grocery shopping, and all the other preparations for a summer full of fun in your outdoor living space. We are waiting to hear from you. Call (864) 362-2013!