Three Sacrifices You Won’t Need to Make When You Choose Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s Barrier Treatment for Your Mosquito Control

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We live in South Carolina, so it’s no surprise that we’ve had weather. Every spring is crazy; we just are never sure which side of crazy we are going to get. This year looks like wet and windy is the theme and wet is what mosquitoes love. That means as 80-90 degree days start to roll in, those little buggers will be rolling in too. The good news is you can stop them and now is the time!

Make Professional Mosquito Barrier Treatment Your Plan of Attack

There are options when it comes to mosquito treatment.

  1. You can cover yourself in repellent every day; however, don’t forget you are going to have to do it several times if you plan to spend the day in the backyard, and then you will definitely need a shower.
  2. You can wear long pants and long sleeves… that will feel great in South Carolina in July.
  3. You can stay indoors, but don’t forget to up your dosage of Vitamin D while you are missing out on all that precious sunshine.

The point is that, sure, there are other ways to avoid mosquito bites than a professional mosquito barrier treatment by Mosquito Squad, but they aren’t nearly as pleasant. Since 2005 over 300,000 families have used our mosquito barrier treatment so that they could easily enjoy their outdoor spaces and avoid nasty mosquitoes.

Our barrier treatment is applied every 21 days by trained professionals. It eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues working throughout the three week period. We back this treatment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not feel it is doing its job, we will come back out within those 3 weeks and treatment again at no charge. Still not happy? We will give you a full refund. We are that sure of the services we provide.

What Makes Our Mosquito Barrier Treatment Better?

To start, every Mosquito Squad location is locally owned and operated. That means the community that you live in and care about is the same community that we live in and care about.

We want to cut down on the mosquito population of the Upstate as a whole for your family and for our own family as well. It also means that we have the same concerns about the bee population. Our technicians are trained not to treatment in open blooms and to take care of our pollinators when they treatment.

Another stand out between other companies and Mosquito Squad’s Mosquito Barrier Treatment is that we can treatment any time of day. Other products work better in the early morning or evening.

This gives us the ability to work around your schedule. After our service, your children and pets only need to stay in for 30 minutes; then it’s right back out to play! AND we recognize that not all needs are the same. We base our barrier treatment plan by checking the uniqueness of every yard. We also have different types of Mosquito Treatments for different locations and occasions. From one-time special event sprays to automatic misting systems. We’ve got you covered, whether you just have a small yard, or a large horse farm, or you are planning a backyard wedding.

If you are looking for the best Mosquito Barrier Service with the best Mosquito Barrier Treatment, Mosquito Squad has it, and we guarantee it. We are sure of our product and our service, and after one treatment, we know you will be too. Call us today and schedule a summer of fun without mosquitoes.

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