Mosquito Squad of Greenville Now Protecting Residents Against Spiders and Fleas

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Mosquito Squad of Greenville, the proven leader in mosquito and tick control, has expanded our services to protect our area residents from spiders and fleas this season.  So, you may be asking, what makes Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s services better than other companies out there?  We’re glad you asked.

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You may already know how effective our barrier treatment is at eliminating mosquitoes and ticks.  We come out every 21 days to apply the barrier treatment to the vegetation in your yard; where mosquitoes and ticks reside and feed.  This effectively eliminates them on contact once they touch the leaves.  But the barrier treatment does more that just eliminate on contact.  It also contains a bonding agent that keeps the treatment from washing away in the rain.  The residual remains effective up to 21-days, eradicating those additional mosquitoes and fleas that have found their way to the vegetation.  In addition, it creates a protective barrier around your yard so other mosquitoes and ticks do not enter.

Mosquito Squad spraying yard New this season is an additional service that can be combined with our mosquito and tick mist to control spiders and fleas on your property. In addition to misting your vegetation, we will also mist around the structure of your home, the eaves, windows and doors to keep spiders and fleas from invading these areas.  What makes our service superior is that it is applied every 21 days for the most effective control, not every 90 days like most pest control services.  You will continue to receive the added bonding benefit, keeping the treatment where it needs to be, working efficiently, even through rainstorms.  In addition, we apply one treatment in January to the structure of your home to keep protecting throughout the winter, until our services start up again in the spring.  It’s a total year protection against fleas and spiders so you don’t have to worry.

As with all our services, once you sign up for the season, you are automatically scheduled for your treatments.  No additional phone calls are needed to book your follow-up appointments and you don’t have to be home when we treat your yard.  Mosquito Squad of Greenville will do all the work for you so you can spend your time enjoying your yard, mosquito, tick, flea and spider free!  Give us a call today to start your proactive protection throughout the season before these pests start disturbing you.