How to Create a Backyard Oasis that You Can Truly Enjoy

A father and son warming themselves by the fire

Our mild winter has really turned into a beautiful spring. We’ve had warmer days, cooler days, perfect days in between. As we face the reality that home is where we are possibly going to be more than anywhere else this summer, it’s a great time to get creative with our outdoor spaces. Why not make it your favorite place to be?

Backyard Area for the Kids

Of course, you need your own place to relax, but we all know if the kids ain’t happy, you ain’t relaxin’. Pinterest has some really fun ideas that don’t cost a lot, aren’t difficult, and are super cute!

Outdoor tic-tac-toe tableA Pallet Kitchen:

You can pick up pallets at your local warehouses or even the landfill. Then all you need is a few nails and some of your old pots and pans, and the kids are set! This is a really fun and easy project, likely to lead to hours of fun.

Tree Stump Tic Tac Toe:

A stump, a round piece of wood, a chisel, some rocks, and some paint. How’s that for easy? You can paint rocks into bugs, flowers, or whatever your kids are into. Chisel a hashtag in a board, and its game on!

Kiddie Pool Lounging Area:

Kids need their chill time too. So why not create a lounging area? All you need is a kiddy pool, some blankets, and some pillows. Perfect spot for snacks, reading, even some outdoor screen time. They will have their relaxing spot while you are snug in your own.

DIY Adult Outdoor Oasis

DIY Fire Pit
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Once the kids are busy, you’ll be able to sit down in your own quiet spot, if quiet is what you are looking for. What does your own oasis look like?

Maybe a firepit and some Adirondack chairs?

Or how about an oversized swing for you and your honey?

Then again, maybe working is your relaxing. There are so many gardening ideas out there whether you prefer vegetables or flowers, flat or raised.

The point is that there are tons of things that you can do and tons of resources out there to help you figure out exactly how to create a fun and relaxing backyard setting on your budget. You just need a little imagination.

Be Sure to Make it Comfortable

While you are planning your stay-at-home summer and creating the best backyard getaway that you can, don’t forget the mosquito control.

What could be worse than falling in love with your own outdoor space and handy work, only to be chased in by the pests? Call Mosquito Squad of Greenville right now and schedule your seasonal professional barrier treatment from now through October. You’re going to need it while you are building and handcrafting, and you’re going to want it well on through until that last bonfire in fall.