2020 Mosquito Season Prediction: It’s Already Been Wet, It Is Going to Be Hot: The Perfect Storm for the Mosquito Population to Rise

A photo of raindrops

Water + Heat = Mosquitoes

To be honest, we don’t even have to wait on a coming heatwave, although we all know it’s coming. In South Carolina, it’s been warm. The first 70-degree day in Greenville was January 12th, and then on February 11th, it was 77 degrees! Granted, there have been a few cold snaps in between, but as you move into a few days of 80 degrees in March and then almost 90 in April, it’s fair to say we had an above averagely warm winter. Factor in record rainfall. The record for May rainfall was set in 1910 with 12.18 inches; as of Monday, May 25th, the National Weather Service at GSP calculated 11.33 inches this month. That’s only an inch and a half shy of breaking the record.

An info graphic that explains the parts of your yard that are most likely to cause mosquitoes to breeWhat Drives Mosquito Population Growth?

In the most basic language, “the warmer and wetter it is, the more mosquitoes will be around.” They also note that our mosquito season can run from February through November. With our weather conditions as they have been, there is no doubt we are already seeing them, and it’s going to get worse. In 2018, Michigan went through a two week rain period with up to 12 inches in some locations. In those same places, the mosquito populations tripled and even quadrupled. That gives us a vision of what we can expect around here. Several states like to claim the mosquito as their state bird. South Carolina could make a strong argument for that!

Just as excess water drives the mosquito growth, the mild winter does as well. Dr. Joh Hainze, entomologist and president of BioOpus, LLC, tells PRNewswire that the mosquitoes are making an early showing and warmer weather is why. You can take these weather factors, then follow the pattern throughout the summer and come to one single conclusion. The mosquitoes are going to be EVERYWHERE!

Take Control Where You Can

But wait… EVERYWHERE doesn’t have to be the case. There are things that you can do, but the time to start is right now. In fact, it was probably a month ago, so there’s no time to waste.

Professional Mosquito Treatment is the best defense at home. Although restrictions from COVID-19 have been lifted, we are all spending more time at home than ever before. Make sure you can enjoy that time. Of the positives that we can focus on in these strange times, it’s the extra time with our families that mean so much. You can still enjoy that in your outdoor spaces with Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment.

Signing up now for a season-long treatment will eliminate the already growing mosquito population and keep it down until the fall. However, there is no time to waste. Call us today and let us help you get and keep control of the mosquitoes at home. Enjoy your summer, your family, your yard, your staycation. You deserve at least that.