Mosquito Bites New Arch-Nemesis: The Bug Bite Thing

mother and daughter

Let’s be clear, we have not tried this product, nor are we endorsing it. But, being in the biz, means we learn about the latest and greatest of everything to do with mosquitoes and some ideas are just better than others.

What Mosquito Bite?

An innovative idea for reducing the nuisance of a mosquito bite after the fact is certainly nor our approach – we’d rather prevent the bite entirely. But we love a thought-through product that could help many people agonize less.

A mother in Florida was suffering as she and her children faced regular itchy mosquito bites. While she didn’t develop the product, she is bringing it to market in the United States. The device is completely reusable forever, you only need to buy it once, and it tops the bite from developing into an ugly, itchy welt.

The Bug Bite Thing

The Bug Bite Thing acts like a syringe. Similarly, to snake bite products but less powerful, it draws the mosquito bite saliva out of the bite to lessen the irritation it may cause. It also works well for bee and wasp stings that can have significant local reactions in many children and adults alike. Its handles can also be utilized for removing stingers or splinters!

If a similar product can save people from snake-bite poison, we have no doubts, if used properly it can work for mosquito bite irritation too.

While you might feel more comfortable sticking to your creams and at-home remedies for mosquito bite itches, the $10 investment to give this a try seems worthwhile. The reviews it has gotten have been incredible so far.

If you have given The Bug Bite Thing a try, let us know and tell us how it worked for you.

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