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How Many Cans Of DIY Mosquito Fogger Does It Take To Equal One Treatment From Mosquito Squad?

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If mosquitoes are driving you crazy this year, buzzing and biting like never before, it's time to do something about it.

And the Internet is chock full of old wives' tales and homemade recipes for how to get rid of pesky blood-thirsty mosquitoes.

The truth is, only a professional, proven mosquito control barrier spray gets the job done – on contact and for weeks following its application.

Do The Math, And You'll Discover That Mosquito Squad Is The Best Alternative To DIY Mosquito Fogger Bug Sprays

Using a popularly advertised backyard bug control spray to eradicate mosquitoes poses two significant problems.

1. It is more expensive than having a Mosquito Squad mosquito control barrier spray applied to your property by certified trained experts.

2. The efficacy of store-bought bug foggers wanes shortly after being applied, whereas Mosquito Squad lasts up to 21 days and keeps clearing mosquitoes during that time.

Mosquito Squad charges $75 per treatment for a ½ acre lot – and its mosquito fighting power and control lasts for three weeks.

The store-bought backyard bug control spray costs around $10 per quart and treats 2,500 square feet of your property. You would need 9 quarts to treat a ½ acre lot, a total of $90.

Treating the same ½ acre lot is $15 more expensive per treatment than using Mosquito Squad, and you have to do all the work yourself.

The Ultimate Mosquito Fogger Is Mosquito Squad Of Greenville, And It's Worth Its Weight In Gold

The adage is true. When it comes to effective, long-lasting mosquito control, you really do get what you pay for.

Our professionally applied mosquito fogger is known as our Mosquito Barrier Treatment.

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By applying our effective mosquito control treatment around your home and backyard, we can kill and keep mosquitoes away for up to 21 days. And that beats hands down a more expensive spritz from a can that fades in minutes.

Are you ready to get the utmost for your mosquito control dollar? If yes, let the professionals do the hard work for you and save money. Call Mosquito Squad of Greenville at (864) 362-2013, and then you can relax and enjoy your yard. For your convenience, you can also click right here to get a quote and reclaim your backyard.