What to Do After it Rains to Prevent Mosquitoes

This weekend, St. Louis saw the weather put a damper on the 4th of July weekend celebrations. With all of this fresh rainfall and thick humidity, it’s important to take some quick backyard precautions to make sure your home and garden don’t become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other outdoor pests.

Start by taking a quick walking tour of your backyard space and eliminating any standing water that might have collected in or on some of your outdoor items and furnishings. The most important step is to remove any standing backyard water soon after rainfall so that mosquitoes won’t have time to breed near your outdoor living areas.

Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis knows that Summer, 2016 in the Metropolitan St. Louis-area is an especially sensitive year for mosquitoes, and any steps you can take to prevent them in not only your own backyard but also in the surrounding public areas will help to prevent mosquitoes from having the perfect conditions for reproducing.

Below we’re sharing our helpful Mosquito Squad infographic, showing common outdoor places that water accumulates after a heavy rainfall event. Do you have other outdoor places that you oftentimes find stagnant water after a rainstorm? Let us know at (314) 582-3980! We’ll improve our infographic by adding your ideas!

An info graphic with the 176 species of mosquitoes

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