5 Plants that Fight Mosquitoes

You’ve called Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis and are enjoying fewer mosquitoes in your yard because of our all natural barrier treatment (a botanical solution that reduces mosquitoes by 90% might we add). This is great. We aren’t biased or anything, but we think you made an excellent choice.

But what about the other 20-25% of mosquitoes? Call us OCD, but we want them all gone. We want you out on your back deck, grilling, and drinking, and enjoying the evening well beyond dusk. Occupational hazard.

Since you chose the all-natural mist, we get the sense you’re avoiding the use of synthetic materials in your gardening and landscaping. So, we recommend that you supplement our natural barrier treatment with a little landscaping by adding plants to fight off mosquitoes. Plus, it has been non-scientifically proven that gardening is as good as meditation if you don’t have a black thumb, and you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty.

Here are a few plants you can add to your shrubbery to Fight the Bite, naturally:

  • Lavender – there are several bugs that are repelled by the scent of lavender, including mosquitoes, making this one of the best additions to a bug-proof garden plan.
  • Marigolds  – Used by organic gardeners to help keep pests away from their vegetable gardens, marigolds are a great annual that also repels mosquitoes.
  • Lemon Balm – This strongly scented plant repels mosquitoes in much the same way as citronella, but won’t ward off butterflies and bees, making it a great addition to a pest-free, pollinator promoting garden.
  • Catnip – It gets a lot of press for attracting cats, but the oils in catnip are actually 10 times more powerful than the chemicals in DEET.
  • Basil – Lemon, and cinnamon basil are great repellents for mosquitoes. In fact, you can rub a few leaves on your skin for a topical mosquito fighter in place of harsh chemicals.

Call us at (314) 582-3980 if you have any questions about our all natural mosquito treatments. We want to help you enjoy your yard this summer…mosquito free!