Mosquito Squad at the St. Louis Builders' Home Show

The 2010 St. Louis Builders’ Home Show has come to a close. I met many wonderful people and loved launching our services to the public. I just want to give a quick shout out to the fabulous vendors in the booths around us. Doug Zick and Gill represented Zick’s Great Outdoors fabulously. I highly recommend you load up the kids and head out to visit Doug at his whimsical nursery. It’s sure to be wonderful entertainment for the whole family.

Bob Ferguson from Metro Lawn Sprinkler Systems proved to have the most technologically advanced booth around us with videos showing his company’s many services. From landscaping to irrigation systems, Bob and his friendly and knowledgeable crew can help you out.

Seriously, I was two booths down from one of the top salesmen of the whole show. He was selling Gecko’s Toes: a unique way to store water hoses. I think he unrolled and rolled up his water hose over 1000 times by my calculations. And with a smile on his face every time. After watching his cash register open and close about as many times as he unrolled his hose, I’d have a smile on my face, too.

And I can’t say enough about the unbelievable balloon garden created by Thad from Sammy J Balloon Creations and Troy from Balloonville Productions. They started on Wednesday and by Saturday had created a masterpiece that people will talk about for a long time. Butterflies, bees, flowers, a wishing well, bird baths, walls, and a trickling stream captured the imagination of kids and adults alike. Their services are available for hire, so think about them for your next party. On Sunday I got the best gift of all…a balloon mosquito.

Thanks to the many people who stopped and visited the Mosquito Squad booth to learn about our mosquito and tick control program which consists of four proven choices: traditional barrier treatment, naturalbarrier treatment, event treatment, and misting systems. We’ll be in touch.