Memorial Day: Mosquito Squad Gives Thanks

Memorial Day is considered by many as the start of summer which is cause enough for celebration. However, this Memorial Day weekend Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis would like to remind everyone to give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us by so many veterans who paid the ultimate price. Our great nation has been preserved and defended by men and women fighting for freedom and democracy across the globe. Our rich history is full of the heroic achievements of our armed forces both here at home and abroad. From George Washington’s daring crossings of the icy Delaware River to our troop's present-day deployment in the unforgiving Hindu Kush. American soldiers have always answered the bell to preserve our liberty or fight the evil forces of tyranny abroad. It is only through the bravery of our all-volunteer forces of freedom that we will gather for another Memorial Day weekend enjoying the wonderful bounties this country has to offer. Families and friends will gather in backyards in celebration of the onset of summer. But let us never forget the true reason we gather and celebrate. It’s those heroes laying in Jefferson Barracks and Arlington National Cemetery or the many other national cemeteries scattered across the globe full of Americans who never made it back home. There are so many deserving veteran causes out there looking for your respect and support so please take the time to remember those who we owe so much. We wish we could support them all but have chosen at this point to get behind the time-sensitive mission of Greater St. Louis Honor Flight at